Does Article 116 Apply To You?

The Holocaust is not something that most people like to think about. Despite that fact, however, it has had long-lasting implications, implications that still affect people today. Fortunately, laws have been put in place to try and somewhat remedy some of the wrongs of this time, though they can never fully be forgiven. One such law is summed up nicely under Article 116 of the Basic Law of Germany. Under this law, qualifying individuals and their descendants who had their citizenship taken away under Nazi regime can have it fully restored. If you think this law could apply to you and would like to take advantage of German citizenship, contact a lawyer who is familiar with immigration law.

Recent Updates

While the laws of Article 116 have been in place for quite some time, some updates were recently made to the law. These changes now allow for certain individuals with one foreign parent and one German parent with revoked citizenship to qualify for reinstatement.

Thus, if you were interested in having your citizenship reinstated in the past, but did not qualify, you may now qualify, depending on your circumstances.

However, understanding the law and who qualifies under the recent additions can sometimes be tricky. Even if you're sure you qualify, you may need help navigating the process of having your citizenship reinstated. A good immigration attorney can answer your questions and, if eligible, help you to work towards reinstating citizenship.

The Right Connections

Whether you are newly qualified for reinstatement or are just now seeking reinstatement, the right connections are vital. There is an application process that candidates must go through to successfully reinstate their citizenship. Typically, successful filing of this application for current US citizens requires working with the German Missions and the German Federal Office of Administration.

A qualified attorney will have ties to and a good working relationship with both of these entities. This may enable your application process to be completed more smoothly and successfully.

Proper Documentation

Finally, know that, in most cases, you will need to have certain types of documentation for citizenship reinstatement. Usually, proof of your or your ancestors' descent or heritage will be required.

However, since every situation is different, documentation can vary from one individual to the next. To ensure you have sufficient documentation or to learn more about retrieving it, contact an immigration lawyer.

Article 116 is a wonderful thing that has helped many people. If you believe that you may qualify for reinstatement, don't hesitate to talk to an Article 116 lawyer. Often, it's the best and most direct route to reclaiming what is rightfully yours.