Are You Facing Deportation? Work With A Family Immigration Lawyer To Seek Immediate Legal Support

When you were young, your parents may have come to the United States without the proper visa, meaning you may be an undocumented immigrant who wasn't aware of your citizenship status until recently. Now facing deportation because you're not a legal citizen of the United States and unaware of what life would be like in a country you haven't lived in for more than a decade, you may be scared, nervous, and uncertain about the future. But, despite the uncertainty, hiring a family immigration lawyer can ease your mind and make it possible to get you through this complex situation.

Is Hiring an Immigration Attorney Optional When Facing Deportation?

Hiring a family immigration attorney is optional, but when you don't know the laws surrounding immigration and are already stressed over the possibility of being deported to a country you know nothing about, it's worth having expert legal assistance. If you attempt to handle the situation by yourself, you could make mistakes that put your status at risk and increase your chances of getting deported instead of being able to stay in the United States, where your family raised you over the last several years.

What Can a Family Immigration Lawyer Do in a Situation Involving Possible Deportation?

Each person has a unique immigration situation. As someone who likely didn't come to the United States on your own as a child, you may be a law-abiding individual that always assumed they were a citizen. Sadly, when you come to the country as a child and are undocumented, it can create many problems into adulthood and lead to deportation. But, if you didn't know, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA, is a program available to people in your situation. Your immigration lawyer can help you complete a DACA application, which would delay the deportation and give the attorney more time to help you work on becoming a legal citizen.

Upon working with you to complete the DACA application, your immigration attorney can discuss the next steps needed to help you obtain a visa or green card, depending on if your goal is to become a legal citizen and stay in America for a lengthy period. You will need to provide your attorney with various documents and meet regularly to go over critical immigration-related documents, but working with a legal expert can relieve much of the stress you've been experiencing since learning of your possible deportation.