Is Birthright Citizenship In Jeopardy? Understanding Your Rights

Hundreds of thousands of children are born to illegal immigrants every year. Legal residents, illegal immigrants and temporary visitors who give birth in the United States will be giving birth to children who will be considered U.S. citizens. However, it is possible that this right to U.S. citizenship may be stripped away. If you are in the United States and are pregnant, it is important that you understand how this right works. [Read More]

Tips For Bringing Your Vietnamese Spouse To The United States

If you are an American who is engaged or married to a Vietnamese native, there are both general and country specific procedures that must be followed to bring your fiancee or spouse to the U.S. Although the immigration system is complicated and filled with potential stumbling blocks, you can still be successful if you are patient and diligent. Bringing your fiancee to the United States for marriage If you would like to be married in the United States, you can petition for a fiancee visa. [Read More]